EDU-Home aims to support inclusion by increasing the quality and quantity of transnational mobilities providing concrete support to mobility participants throughout the research process of accommodation.


EDU-Home will create a platform for dialogue and cooperation between all actors and stakeholders involved in housing and mobility, ensuring transparency, reliability and timeliness to address asymmetries currently making accommodation one of the main barriers to mobility.

EDU-Home is structured along 4 Work Packages and a set of horizontal activities, i.e. Project & Financial Management, Quality Assurance, Monitoring & Evaluation, Dissemination. Technical activities can be grouped around the 4 main WPs:


1. Development of the EDU-Home Model

2. Design and maintenance of the EDU-Home Platform
3. Pilot implementation and validation in real operational environment of the Model & Platform
4. Develop guidelines for mainstreaming & operational integration with EU Students

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